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‘Aaron Wan Bissaka is the only player to can stop Wilfred Zaha’

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Aaron Wan Bissaka is the only player to can stop Wilfred Zaha in training sessions at Palace according to Journalist Duncan Castles.

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The 21-year-old is all but set to realise his dream move to Manchester United with the latter said to have agreed to a £55m deal with Palace.

Having just completed his first season in English football, Wan Bissaka made 39 appearances for Roy Hodgson’s side producing some eye-catching displays.

And Journalist Duncan Castles who has his reservations regarding Wan Bissaka’s attacking prowess is mighty impressed with the youngster’s defensive quality so much so that he claims that Wan Bissaka’s the only player in Palace’s defensive set up who can stop team’s talisman Wilfred Zaha.

“I think defensively he’s exceptionally good,” he said on The Transfer Window podcast.

“I talked to people at Crystal Palace who have been there during the period in which he broke into the team and they said that he basically was the only player in training that could cope with Wilfried Zaha, he had the ability to defend against him one-on-one and the thing that’s really noticeable about Wan-Bissaka is he’s kind of got a natural strength about him that allows him to win one-on-one duals defensively.

“So that component is there. Obviously the question is: how does he respond to the pressure and the expectation of the transfer fee?

“You’ve seen Sky taking his performance for the Under-21s apart this week and that’s the kind of analysis you don’t get when you’re playing for Crystal Palace, and how he responds to that and how he responds to being a Manchester United player, being paid a lot more money, the attention that attracts from people around him will be interesting.”

He added: “But again, the briefing I have from people at Crystal Palace is he’s actually a very down to earth guy, very calm, doesn’t get fazed, focused on his game.

“I know Roy Hodgson’s talked very positively about his professionalism, so they feel that he has the right ingredients for that and I think his path to Premier League fame is a positive one in the sense that he almost got left out of the Crystal Palace academy as a teenager.

“He had to really fight to get into that team. Frank de Boer didn’t even want to have him training with the first team I’m told when he came in at the club.

“He’s giving an interview where he talked about pushing last season for a loan to a League Two club because he wanted to get some playing time and Roy Hodgson telling him ‘no you can’t do that because I don’t think it will be good for your development.’

“So the point here is he’s had to fight. He’s not one of these academy players that Chelsea have a surfeit of, who have been given contracts that pay them millions of pounds a year from age 16.

“He’s had to battle to get his place in football and I think that kind of development path is a better one to prepare yourself to be at a club like Manchester United.

“But is it a punt? Yeah I think it is, but done for the right reasons.”


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