Adrian Durham rants about Liverpool fans because it’s gonna be our year

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As a football journalist life is never boring. You watch a crazy number of football games as part of your job and then you let people know what you think about it.

Sometimes, you are a biased old chap and you hate Liverpool. So that when they are the only team challenging Man City you can something disparaging and give them a low blow.

Adrian Durham is one such journalist, he recently spoke with Alan Brazil and they discussed Liverpool.

“People don’t like them [Liverpool] because they keep going on about ‘this is our year’.,”

“They keep going on about ‘oh this is our year, this is our year, this is our year’ and it’s not your year.

“You’ve got to earn that – you can’t say it’s going to be your year; you’ve got to earn that.

“So people don’t like the fact they bang on about that.

“But we also know, all of us know, that Liverpool fans will never, ever stop talking about it if they win the League.

“Like they refuse to top talking about Istanbul!”


This was all in response to the question of why neutral fans don’t want Liverpool to win the league. Your thoughts?


Karan is the Chief Content Officer at Limit Infinity and has been been one of the major force behind our football communities. As an ardent Chelsea fan, he regularly contributes to Chelsea Season and A biotech graduate, He loves for football, cricket, wrestling. and music. You can connect with him me Twitter and LinkedIn

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