Arsene Wenger; “My health was not good during my last year at Arsenal”

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Arsene Wenger who’s coaching career spanned over more than a decade at Arsenal disclosed that during his last year at the club he wasn’t in a good state of health.

However, Wenger’s job came under scrutiny by the Arsenal fans and he admits that the pressure affected his health.

“In this case, it was a bit of a mix of the two, because, at a certain point, the fans need a change. In my last year, it was becoming difficult.

“So it was both a break-up but also a relief for me because carrying that responsibility for so long, with all the obligations that come with it, it wears you out.

“It’s extraordinarily difficult. And last year I felt I was beginning to pay the price health-wise.”

The Frenchmen won three premier league titles and seven FA Cup with the Gunners.

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