Cardiff will play reserves against Manchester City

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Neil Warnock, in charge of Cardiff isn’t having the time of his life. He played Chelsea yesterday and had a bad experience. The Wales club lost 2-1 to Chelsea thanks to an offside goal from Azpilicueta. Warnock was naturally upset at losing after scoring first.

He even clapped away in the face of the match official once the match was over.

Now, though he seems to not be able to let go of the incident. His team is only 5 points away from safety. The next game Cardiff play is at the Etihad against Pep Guardiola’s side. So incited is the manager with match officials that he has decided to field the U23 squad.

“But I might play the reserves down there, it’ll be interesting to see what the journalists think of that.”

“We keep getting knock-backs, I will probably play the U23s on Wednesday against Manchester City and try to keep it down to 10 or 11. It doesn’t matter who you play at the minute, it is who has a flag in his hand and who has a whistle.”

Don’t go with a whistle in your mouth around Neil Warnock for sometime.


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