David Haye: “Anthony Joshua lost to Andy Ruiz due to inadequate sparring”

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David Haye has revealed that Anthony Joshua’s loss to Andy Ruiz jr. could be down to inadequate sparring in the training.

Anthony Joshua was expected to walk to an easy win against Ruiz in his stateside debut at Madison Square Garden for the three world heavyweight titles.

However, after suffering from one of the biggest upset in the sporting history, there were plenty of questions and criticisms raised towards Joshua.

Was he not 100% focused for the bout? Was it the case of over-confidence? A lack of preparation perhaps?

Well, according to David Haye, Anthony Joshua’s loss against Andy Ruiz could be down to the lack of sparring, of all things:

“It’s all about being in the ring with guys in sparring. I talked to Carlos as well and he said a lot of the sparring AJ does is technical sparring. It’s not full on.

“It’s not like the sparring I did, it’s not like the sparring Derek [Chisora] does. We fight. We’re just not getting paid for it.

Haye further re-iterated the advantages of sparring by claiming that you get fight hardened by sparring with a quality partner:

“You just get fight hardened. Every round is tough. I did loads of rounds with Carlos, rounds that I lost, and they were hard rounds. I’m like ‘guys, this is not nice. I’m not enjoying this. This is really, really bad. I really need to fix up.’

“So I’d come back the next day, try again, same thing happens, so I’m losing rounds.

“But that’s what you need, you need that. How many rounds does Joshua do where he loses? In sparring, I don’t know. I don’t imagine that many.

“Maybe he needs rounds that he loses in sparring. For that, you need to pay sparring partners.

The 38-year-old went on to reveal that he had the likes of Deontay Wilder as his sparring partner which made the training camp all the more challenging for him:

“I had Deontay Wilder in sparring, Mariusz Wach. Two rounds in, two rounds in so it’s horrible, so I’m struggling. So come fight night, it feels a lot easier.

“But it didn’t look like it on the night and maybe he needs to incorporate some of that hard, tough sparring behind close doors, with bigger gloves and head guards so he doesn’t get cut or damaged.”

Credits: DailyStar

While there could be plenty of reasons for Anthony Joshua’s loss to Ruiz, it’s better the 29-year-old concentrates on the re-match instead of hanging around in the past.

Oh, and maybe have a better sparring partner this time around too…

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