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Evra believes Paul Pogba will leave because of Manchester United fans

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Former Manchester United player Patrice Evra believes that Paul Pogba will leave the Old Trafford this summer because of the Man Utd fans.

During an interview with the Sky Sports, the 37-year-old was asked about the Manchester United’s underwhelming season and Evra believes that Pogba is the best player at Manchester United and us, fans, are killing the Frenchman by constantly criticizing him for his haircuts and dance.

As per Evra:

“They’re (Manchester United fans) killing Paul.

“There was the incident with the fan, but he’s the best scorer, [and] has the best assists.

“I know you can maybe sometimes question his leadership and everything. Maybe the last few games you want Paul to score the winning goal. So that’s why maybe people criticise Paul right now, but he’s been the best player of the season.

“But just because he’s Paul Pogba – he’s doing his haircut, his dance, his Instagram and everything – people will just criticise him and forget the player he is.

“I think he will leave because I think you need to feel the love… You can hate him, you can love him but he’s doing his job. If you kill Paul for this season, what about the rest of the players?”


While I respect Patrice Evra for his time here and what he has done for this club, this is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen come out of his mouth.

Paul Pogba Manchester United transfer to Real Madrid
Paul Pogba Manchester United transfer to Real Madrid

Paul Pogba has been poor for the majority of this season with a couple of exceptional game here and there. The Frenchman has been criticized for his attitude, behavior and his on field play for correct reasons.

While the fans do get over the top sometimes with their reactions and emotions, what Evra’s got to remember here is, we are Manchester F**king United and we don’t deserve where we are as a club!

Patrice Evra defends Paul Pogba
Patrice Evra defends Paul Pogba

It’s just a shame when a player who has played with the likes of Giggs, Scholes and Ferdinand makes such kind of claim about a prima dona who openly flirts with Real Madrid in the middle of the season when we are struggling to put together a decent performance on the pitch!


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