Ex Chelsea defender blames Maurizio Sarri for one major issue

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Chelsea Boss Maurizio Sarri is the main culprit of the team’s mentality issues according to ex-Blues defender Mario Melchiot.

Melchiot believes that Sarri is denigrating the team’s confidence further by questioning the player’s mentality in public

“I always say this, mentality issue or whatever the fact is, those are the kind of key things of the coach because the mental strength and the prep is down to the coach,” he told Starsport.

“When it comes to a player making a mistake, that isn’t down to the coach. If I’m on the pitch and I make a mistake, an error, then it’s the individual.

“The team effort and the team motivation, that is why you have a coach.

“He said that before that he didn’t like the motivation of the team or it was very hard for him to motivate them. Next thing you know, a month later, he said: ‘I love the way my team is, the way their vision is now.’

“So that gets a little bit bumpy and that’s always gonna work against you. I don’t think it’s ever gonna be in favour for a coach when he goes against the mental strength of his team, because the mental strength of his team is in the palm of his hands.”


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