Gary Lineker: Change UCL rules because Liverpool are winning

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UEFA Champions League is in the part of its fixtures where things come thick and fast. One day, you see Liverpool comfortably beat Porto at Anfield. Another day, Barcelona beat United at Old Trafford.

Death and taxes, except Gary Lineker has a new problem to solve.

He wants the away rule to go away because United didn’t score at home and Barcelona take an away leg victory to the Nou Camp. It is impossible for United to progress without outscoring the Catalans at their home.

“I don’t know about you but I’d love to see an experiment for one season where they get rid of the away goal rule,”

“I just think home legs, first legs, I just think everyone is a little bit cautious.

“They’ve got a fear of giving away an away goal or two and, if you get an away goal it’s like, ‘woah, that’s it’.”

– Gary Lineker


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