Gary Neville: “It’s painful for me to watch Liverpool this year…”

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Half of Manchester right now is afraid of Liverpool, and the other half is Red. It implies that they hate the Reds to their guts.

Whether the Premier League trophy stays in Manchester, or if it moves to the Merseyside will depend on both Pool and City. However, United will get something to say in the Manchester Derby. Regardless, United fans as usual are at pains to explain their displeasure at the prospect of Liverpool winning the league.

Here’s an excerpt from Gary Neville, who was recently tasked with talking about the title challengers this season. It is clear he is not chuffed at the idea of Liverpool going on to win it.

“We are witnessing two brilliant managerial performances, on and off the pitch,”

“With Pep Guardiola, we are witnessing an amazing title race, the two teams play the right way, the managers perform the right way, and I have to say, from our point of view, it is brilliant to watch, even though it is painful for me. Both teams are carrying themselves brilliantly.

“For Pep Guardiola, he wants to create history. The way Liverpool have performed this season, this would be a far bigger achievement this year to win the league, than last year.

“As it incredible as what City did last year was, to win it this time, back to back, do it a second time, against a Liverpool side performing as they are would be incredible. For Liverpool to beat a City side performing as they are, would be astonishing.

“Fair play to them both, there’s a good month still to come of football and I’m looking forward to Sunday because I do think there could be a twist.”

– Gary Neville


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