Gary Neville slammed by Carragher after he asks United to help City

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Once Manchester United are done with their Champions League quarter-final where they are likely to be knocked out, they come back to Premier League business.

United first go away to Everton before hosting back to back games against Man City and Chelsea. It is hard to win all of those games, and United will have to prioritize one over the other.

Gary Neville wants United to take the City game as an opportunity to rest their main players. Though it might sound convenient, it would directly help Liverpool’s title rivals.

City must win all of their games if Liverpool do so too in order to retain the league title. Manchester United in the derby could be the biggest hurdle that can trip Guardiola’s side, and Neville wants the Red Devils to give a walkover.

“It really is a huge 10 days for Manchester United coming from the Barcelona game to Chelsea,”

“And you think about that squad and you think can the same team play every one of those matches and then you think to yourself well the manager will have to prioritise and there will be changes that have to be made.

“Barcelona tomorrow night, I’m going over there and my hope is that Ole will go for it and try and make history with this team and go and win there and do something just incredible.

“However, Sunday against Everton is the most winnable and if they win that then it’s a tough one because if they beat Manchester City but lose to Chelsea then they are still in a battle for the top four.

“But if they lose to City but beat Chelsea, they are in the top four.

“I mean Carragher has got his head in his hands here but my point is that if they beat Everton then the game to change a few players around would be the City game.

“Now I am not saying they go into the Man City game thinking they can lose the game, they still have to win the game.

“But in four games in 10 days you can’t play the same eleven players so my view would be that if they beat Everton on Sunday then he should rest a couple for the City game.”

-Gary Neville

To this Jamie Carragher didn’t hide his opinion, clearly exposing the anti-Liverpool bias:

“Everton rested their best two players against City earlier in the season,” he replied.

“Neville is now sending a message to to his mate Ole, he will know he is watching, everyone is just desperate to stop Liverpool winning the league aren’t they. Everyone.

“Manchester United, Everton, Sky Sports, you are all it, don’t worry, it will sort itself out.”

-Jamie Carragher


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