Get all of The Athletic’s content for just half a quid per month

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Have you guys heard of The Athletic, and have any of you got the subscription? The Athletic publish in-depth football stories, best quality in the world I would say right now. They have hired almost all top journalists from all over the world to their team. They are charging 10 quid a month to access their content. I was planning to make their content available for half a quid a month, but am not sure whether people would be interested. Let us know your interest by responding below.


Sheetanshu is a computer science engineer, an MBA and an ardent soccer fan. He founded Limit Infinity back in 2015 with a group of few friends and has played a significant role in establishing soccer fan communities around the world. You can write to him at sheetanshu@limitinfinity.org or connect with him using his LinkedIn profile.

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