Graeme Souness: Tottenham don’t deserve to be in the final

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On June 1, Liverpool will play Tottenham in the Champions League final at the Wanda Metropolitano. It is ironic because Liverpool lost their last final to a team from Madrid and now they are tasked with playing in Madrid.

However, instead of wondering how Liverpool may win the game when it is played, Pundits aligned with Liverpool are finding excuses for why Tottenham will not win it.

All Pundits with links to Liverpool can’t speak good of Spurs

The latest to join that sorry list of Pundits is Graeme Souness, veteran of almost 250 games for Liverpool. The Scot has been talking to media before the big day and has aired his views on Tottenham’s run to final in contrast with that of Liverpool.

Tottenham don't deserve to be in final against Liverpool according to Graeme Souness
Graeme Souness believes Spurs run to Madrid has been all luck.

I’m looking at it mostly through the eyes of a Liverpool supporter. I’d pose the question: If you were picking a team from the 22 players that are going to start the game, how many Spurs players would be in that XI?

I’m thinking, Eriksen, into midfield, and Harry Kane. You’ve got nine Liverpool players.

The minute you try to attach logic to a game of football, you will come unstuck. Eight, nine times out of ten, the team with the best players wins the football match. Liverpool have the best players.

Graeme Souness via

In his perception, Liverpool winning against Barcelona was astounding but Tottenham doing the same against Ajax was the lesser feat. He also thinks that luck has been terrific for Spurs on their road to Madrid.

Pochettino has signalled in recent days that the final could be his last match for Spurs, irrespective of the outcome. However, the entire squad would be extra motivated to play and win for the manager who has brought Spurs from also rans to title contenders of Europe.


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