Guardiola: Liverpool are media favourites and have it easier than Man City

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Pep Guardiola is on the verge of winning his second league title in England after beating Leicester in the last set of fixture. All they neeed is a win on the last day of the season to write their names in history.

Talking of which, Liverpool have been astonishing in their own pursuit of the league trophy this season. Winning an astonishing number of tough games by a tight margin to keep City on their toes since January. The fans have been hoping the squad delivers on their expectation by winning a first league trophy since 1990.

Liverpool are favoured by the media to win the league this season
Pep Guardiola has alleged the media favour Liverpool

Despite his advantage in the league battle, Guardiola has found something negative to complain about. The Spaniard has stated that Liverpool are the ‘media favourites’ and that his team don’t get the credit they deserve. According to Pep Guardiola, the English media wants Liverpool to be crowned Premier League champions.

“Liverpool play without pressure because they know it is not in their hands. It is easy,”
“We have the pressure.

“So I am sorry for the people that it’s in our hands.

“But 195 points in two seasons, it is something unique.
-Pep Guardiola via Liverpool Echo

After Vincent Kompany’s unbelievable goal delivered what was a crucial win for Pep’s men against Leicester City last night, the Spaniard spoke at length about what he considers is dual standards from the media.

He went further to say that Liverpool have been chasing City for the past few months and don’t have the pressure of someone in Hot Pursuit. Unlike City, who constantly had to look over their shoulders and win games without an excuse.


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