Here’s why Liverpool can’t ever sign Paul Pogba

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Ex-Everton man John Collins has tried to give reason to the absurd by explaining why Liverpool will never be signing Paul Pogba.

According to the Scot, Pogba would not be the kind of tracking back midfielder ever that is needed at a club like Manchester City or even Liverpool. With both Guardiola and Klopp expecting similar things defensively from their players.

The high pressing and defending tactic employed by Klopp demands that everyone puts in a shift for the team when the Reds lose the ball.

“I don’t think he would play for Pep Guardiola, with that lack of sprinting back, chasing, or Jurgen Klopp,”

“I think it would be easier for him playing at Real Madrid, because they dominate every game, apart from Barcelona.

– John Collins

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