How could Spurs striker Fernando Llorente stay after his contract expired

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The Premier League season is still more than a month away and all the noise right now is about the transfer window. Tottenham themselves are in the various stages of acquiring at least two players in Tanguy NDombele and Jack Clarke. It is still important to talk about the players who have been at the club in previous seasons such as Fernando Llorenete. Right now there is very little clarity about the future of the Spanish striker.

Llorente is a 34 year old striker

Fernando Llorente has not been offered a new contract
Fernando Llorente scored some crucial goals last season but couldn’t get a new deal

The problem with Fernando Llorente staying on at Tottenham is the striker’s age. He’s 34 years old and according to Tottenham’s policy should leave the club imminently. Even players who are still in their late 20s are afraid of being axed by the club, so speculation about the striker is inevitable. It just gets lost in the din of all the transfer stories about incoming players.

His contract with Spurs expired yesterday (30 June 2019). Llorente first arrived in England with Swansea before Spurs bought him from the Welsh side in the summer of 2017.

Fernando Llorente is without a contract

Tottenham and Fernando Llorente have so far failed to reach any kind of agreement that may keep the striker at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. While the club already announced the departing players at the beginning of June, Llorente’s name was not in the same list as others. The club announced the departure of veteran back-up Michael Vorm. They also announced the ones who had renewed their contracts but Llorente’s name was ominously out of the list.

This has led to speculation that in the absence of a replacement being signed (which doesn’t seem likely) the club may keep the veteran target-man. In case Tottenham do not announce his departure like they did with other players, we expect the parties involved to be in some sort of discussioon regarding a new contract. As it stands, Fernando Llorente is no longer a Spurs player.


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