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How Manchester United could still make it into Champions League next season

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Manchester United and Arsenal can still make it to the Champions League next season if Manchester City are banned from the competition. Theoretically!

According to a report from the New York Times, the FA and UEFA have been investigation the other club from the Manchester over the allegations of rule-breaking and possibly breaching the Financial Fair Play rules.

Pep Guardiola Manchester City manager
Pep Guardiola Manchester City manager

The team investigating the matter wants a one-year-ban for Manchester City from Europe’s biggest competition, granted the allegations can be proved.

So, theoretically, if the allegations against Manchester City are proved and Arsenal wins the Europa League final against Chelsea, We could have 5 Premier League teams in the Europe’s Premier competition next season.

But with Manchester City facing the 1-year-ban, the team at the 6th position (which would be Manchester United) will be given the opportunity to replace our noisy neighbors in the Champions League.

Granted, this could be a pretty remarkable outcome and we, in no way, deserve to be in the Champions League with the way we have gone on about our business, but stranger things have happened in Football!

It still remains to be seen what Manchester City’s punishment would be. (Remember, Chelsea have already been handed a transfer ban this season with UEFA getting strict on rule-breaking and breaches).

Vincent Kompany Manchester City player
Vincent Kompany Manchester City player

But one can only hope and imagine how cool it would be if it does happen, given the fact that we all know Manchester City are guilty (and have been for a long, long time) anyway!


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