Jamie Carragher on rejuvenated player: “A lot more was expected”

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Naby Keita scored for the first time since his arrival from RB Leipzig against Southampton. He has promptly followed that with another goal in the Champions League.

Naby Keita has 13 games in the league this season. Not a regular in Klopp’s squad, he’s had an underwhelming first season. That sentiment isn’t lost on Jamie Carragher as well.

His strengths haven’t really shown up when Klopp gave him the chances and hence Klopp stuck to tried and tested solutions in midfield.

“There is no doubt it’s been a slow burner with Naby Keita,”

“A lot more was expected really and we haven’t seen that.

“But what he did do in this game [at Southampton], aside from the goal, he actually got in the box.

“He had nine touches in the box, the most by any Liverpool midfielder this season.”

“Before seeing him in a Liverpool shirt, the word that kept coming back was that he dribbled at defences. This was maybe a sign of that because he should have got a penalty as well by driving at the defence. That’s the Keita we were told was coming.

“I still don’t think he was out of this world in this game, some of his touches around the halfway line were pretty poor, but it was a sign of things to come and what could be added to this midfield.

“That’s what Liverpool fans have been waiting for now for six months.”

– Jamie Carragher


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