Jose Mourinho reveals the only way Tottenham can beat Ajax

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Jose Mourinho says he has the formula to beat Ajax. The self-proclaimed special one did beat them in the Europa League, and thus his advice might come in handy for Mauricio Pochettino when Spurs face them in the Champions League semifinal next.

Speaking on RT Sport, Mourinho said:

‘We gave them the game that they didn’t want to have, they complained about long build-up, they complained about [Marouane] Fellaini, about physicality, they complained because they couldn’t cope.

‘If you play against Ajax in the way they want to play you have the risk that they are better than you.

‘If I see for example Ajax play Barcelona or Liverpool in the final, if they reach the final, I think Barcelona and Liverpool can beat them playing their own strength but when your quality is not there you have to go to the strategic point of view and give them what they don’t want.’

It comes as a major boost to Ajax as Eredivisie have announced that all league fixtures before the first-leg clash in London have been postponed. Don’t expect such gestures from the FA though.


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