Kevin-Prince Boateng expresses regrets about his and Klopp’s past

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Barcelona snapped up Kevin-Prince Boateng from Italian club Sassuolo in January. The Germany born striker is at the wrong side of 32 and regretful.

One of his regrets involves Klopp from their time together at Borussia Dortmund. Way back in the January window of 2009, he made a loan move to Dortmund.

Kevin Prince Boateng's journey takes him all the way from Germany to Englad, Italy and Spain. See where he has been in this infographic from
Kevin Prince Boateng has been a man who belongs to no one and no place.

One of his many loans, not something unusual except that Dortmund didn’t end up purchasing him, as they would have had they qualified for Europe. Klopp was the one to lend an apology to him.

Why Barcelona Brought him to Nou Camp:

Kevin Prince Boateng is a nomadic striker currently at Barcelona
A man of many clubs, Kevin-Prince Boateng is at Barca now.

“As an 18-year-old, I would have needed an agent or a family to push me in the right direction. I would have liked that. But I had to fix everything myself.

Yeah, a former Spurs player would tell you all about it.

“BVB missed only one goal at the time for Champions League qualification,”

“Had Dortmund qualified for Europe at the time, they would have bought me.

“Klopp called me personally and told me that it did not work out. I was very sad about that and the normally always tough Prince cried.

“At the time, I guessed that something big could happen in Dortmund, so I wanted to stay. But it wasn’t meant to happen.”

-Kevin-Prince Boateng via Mirror


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