We have all been here, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scintillates with his display on the pitch then gets injured. He stays out for a long time and then comes back only to be injured again. So well known was this phenomenon that Arsenal chose to move him on, and Liverpool had to bite.

Since then he has impressed Klopp to the point of being in his preferred XI. Still, injuries have almost kept him out for a year now. At the beginning of March, Ox began the part of recovery where he played for the Underage team of Liverpool.

He got injured playing against Derby, not even lasting a full match since his absence. Naturally, this prolonged the absence and Klopp didn’t enjoy the scenario very much. So now the flamboyant manager would rather only talk of the England International once he is fully fit and ready for action.

“How can I say, one of the biggest mistakes I made here was being so excited at having Ox back,”…

“Now we keep him a little bit in the shadows; he is in a good moment and will train and when he is back and ready to be properly back then I will inform you.”

“Until then I will not speak about Ox.”


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