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Kristof Terreur updates on Romelu Lukaku’s situation at Manchester United

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Belgian Football expert Kristof Terreur has provided an update on Romelu Lukaku’s situation at the Old Trafford, amidst the transfer reports.

Romelu Lukaku has already made it publicly clear that he wants a move away from the Old Trafford and would prefer to play for Inter Milan under their new manager Antonio Conte.

Romelu Lukaku Manchester United Striker wanted by Inter Milan
Romelu Lukaku Manchester United Striker wanted by Inter Milan

But, why has the transfer not materialized yet? Even after all the transfer stories and reports regarding the situation of the Striker, why is the Belgian still at the Old Trafford?

Well, the Belgian football expert Kristof Terreur has the answer to that question right here:

“He’s been clear in his interviews he wants to leave. He doesn’t want to be second choice. That’s what he feels under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he didn’t play that much when Solskjaer came in. He feels that he is second choice.

“Inter don’t have the money for the transfer. They can spend the money over a few years but that’s not what Man Utd want, they want the cash immediately and I don’t see them paying £75m or £80m. They can’t with their budget, so they will have to find a way around it.

“If they can keep Lukaku, Man Utd will be happy. If they can get the money, they will be happy.”

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It’s quite evident that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer considers Marcus Rashford as his first choice Striker ahead of Romelu Lukaku, owing to the way the Norwegian sets up his team.

It has already been reported that the 25-year-old Belgian doesn’t fancy a second choice role, however, if the deal with Inter doesn’t materializes in the next few weeks, Lukaku won’t be pushing for the transfer either.

Similarly, United doesn’t have a problem in letting him go if they can recoup whatever was spent on him, but, then again, we have no problem having him stay either, if nothing comes up that matches our expectations.

Manchester United player Romelu Lukaku
Manchester United player Romelu Lukaku

Well, which of the above scenario would you prefer?

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