Liverpool disappointed as Chelsea try to stop travelling fans

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Liverpool are not happy with the fact that they have been given a lesser number of tickets by Chelsea Football Club than what they were allocated by the FA for the upcoming cup tie and have released a blunt statement afterwards.

Due to the reasons not known to any soul in the world, Liverpool will now be receiving 658 tickets less than what they originally expected.

It’s clear by the tone of the statement the Reds released that they were unhappy with the reasons Chelsea have given for reducing their ticket allocation.

The statement published on Liverpool’s club website reads:

The club has received a total allocation of 5,466 stand tickets from Chelsea Football Club for this all-ticket fixture.

“On receipt of the allocation, LFC challenged CFC on why the number is less than the standard 15 per cent FA Cup allocation.

“The club have been informed that the decision to have a reduced allocation is made by Chelsea’s Safety Advisory Group and is based on a number of factors.

“Chelsea said that the decision is final and will not change. Supporters not in possession of a ticket are urged not to travel.”

Chelsea beat Hull in the FA Cup to set up the clash with Liverpool in what is arguably the tie of the round.


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