Liverpool U-23s beat “embarrassed” Steven Gerrard’s Rangers side 4-0

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Liverpool are currently in the final leg of two of the main competitions they participate in. The league will wrap up in three games while in as many games Liverpool can be European Champions.

In such a time when the din of all the chaos can make a news such as the one you’re about to read is swept under the carpet. But Steven Gerrard just lost a game with Rangers by 4-0 scoreline. Embarrasing? That’s what Steven thinks too.

In a privately held friendly between Gerrard’s Rangers squad and Liverpool U-23s resulting in a mauling for the Liverpool Legend.

His team were down 4-0 by halftime. Which Gerrard said was making him feel “embarrased”. By the full time whistle, his substitutes worked hard to finish it 4-4.

“Well I think it’s a few different reasons (that the game was arranged) really, the first was to give people game-time who haven’t played as much,”

“We want to try and keep them as sharp and as fit as possible for the run-in.

“And the other reason was to have a look at some young talent that had been doing really well in the Reserves or the 18s and give them an opportunity to be around the first-team lads and see how they can cope playing against good players at Ibrox.

“It was a very useful game. I probably learned more in that 90 minutes about the players than I have done all season because it was a game of two halves.

“First half was an embarrassment and the second half was fantastic. It was a very useful exercise for different reasons but in terms of us as staff, we learnt so much about the players individually.”


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