Liverpool will face Tottenham on Sunday to get back to the top of the table. However, the consequences of this match will also lead to another fixture, by no means less important than this one.

Manchester United will host Pep Guardiola’s City from across the town on 24 April. If Liverpool maintain their winning position, Man City will go into the Manchester Derby with a mammoth load of pressure.

City are the team that broke millions of United fans’ hearts some years back and perhaps for the common good of the two big red (rival) clubs, they will halt any progress that Guardiola’s men have maintained until then.

Will United do us a favour after all these years? We can only wait and see, but there’s bragging right for them in this as well, just not as much as for us though.


Karan is the Chief Content Officer at Limit Infinity and has been been one of the major force behind our football communities. As an ardent Chelsea fan, he regularly contributes to Chelsea Season and A biotech graduate, He loves for football, cricket, wrestling. and music. You can connect with him me Twitter and LinkedIn

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