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Lukaku makes big statement: “England should have walked off”

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Manchester United Star Romelu Lukaku thinks that England players should have walked off during the Montenegro game after the racist chants and abuse directed towards them.

Romelu Lukaku, who has been a victim of racial abuse himself in the past, thinks that UEFA must take a serious step against racism or it will continue to happen.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I think England should have walked off to make a statement. I have seen it happen in countries and then the team would get sentenced and stuff like that.

“It’s something that us players have to stand up [for] and talk about, so the people in top positions do something. It should be fixed, sorted out, because football is a multicultural game.

“We do a lot of stuff for a lot of communities, so let’s not forget about the racism issue. If we do it for other things, lets do it for that. I hope we can fix it. It’s going to take time.”

Romelu Lukaku is right here. UEFA’S “fight against racism” campaign is certainly not enough to tackle this problem. Tighter sanctions and bans should be put in place against the countries/clubs/fans or it will continue to happen as it has for the past years.

As Lukaku said, Football is a multicultural game and this kind of things should stop and it should be a top priority for UEFA and other governing bodies!


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