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Man United’s Aaron Wan-Bissaka opens up on ‘nerves’ and ‘tackles’

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Manchester United new signing, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, has revealed that he plays without fear because nerves keep him quiet.

The former Crystal Palace man made his full debut for Manchester United in the 4-0 win against Chelsea and the right-back was phenomenal on the wings.

So, what about the nerves? Coming from Crystal Palace and starting for a club like Manchester United at 21 years of age, was he nervous before the game?

“Was I nervous before my debut? Nah. Me, I block it out. I know what nerves can do. Nerves keep you quiet. I’m just waiting for the game to start. I’m in the changing room, just waiting, thinking: ‘Can this game hurry up and start?’

”The longer it takes, that’s when the nerves could come in, so I just want to get the waiting over and done with. I just want to get into the game, get the ball as much as possible. That stops the nerves.

Also known as ‘The Spider’ for his crunching tackles on the wings, Wan-Bissaka revealed that he loves to put in a tackle because it gives him confidence and puts doubt in the mind of the opposition winger:

“Then I like to get the tackles in, because I get a lot of confidence from tackles. The fans help as well, cheering them, so, after that, I want to get into the next one, then the next one. That helps.”

“I love tackles, man,” he explained. “I want to come out with the most tackles from each game; that’s my aim.

”I’m not really happy when I come out of a game without many tackles. At the same time, when I look back at it, it doesn’t mean anything negative, necessarily – it might mean that the winger’s not confident to keep on coming at me, for me to have the chance to tackle him.

“Wingers hate it. When I was a winger, I hated being tackled! When I attempted to beat a player and he slide-tackled me, I’d just think: ‘I don’t want to go down there again,’ and change the route, change my play, you know?”


The most expensive fullback in the world, Aaron Wan-Bissaka is already looking like a brilliant buy.

If the Englishman can continue his progress and development at a similar rate, we should be set for the next decade at least!


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