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Man Utd legend Gary Neville’s furious rant in full – Ed Woodward sack, title warning

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Manchester United have had a bad few seasons since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson but most fans would agree that the club has reached a new low this season.

The players at the club look disinterested and unwilling to give there 100% for the shirt, the recruitment policy has possibly been the worst in the top 6 teams, there is no Director Of Football to look after the daily affairs and the truth be said, the club is going down to shambles.

The fans and ex-players have already vented their frustration through different platforms and now club legend Gary Neville has taken out his anger through this epic rant:

“The first thing they have to do is cleanse the dressing room. Cleanse the club. That’s from the top to the bottom to be honest with you. Don’t just start in the dressing room, there’s things above that that need to be dealt with. They need someone to run the football side of the club.

“Manchester United, what they do to start with, I think they should shift the people who are in charge of the club at this moment in time back into the business side of the club, back down to London.”

Gary Neville Manchester United Pundit
Gary Neville Manchester United Pundit

Gary Neville also thinks that Manchester United should put in a new football department in charge and sign players with characters like Harry Maguire from Leicester City:

“I think they should put a new football department in charge who are the best in class – not have played at the club, have got 200 games for the club or have been at the club 15 years or been a fan, the best in class football operators, and underneath that then put the right recruitment and technical people, then the manager will find it a lot easier.

“Then you get the right spirit, the right group in the dressing room. Harry Maguire, he’s the type of character that you would expect to see.”

Gary understands that the process might take some time and it will take a few seasons before we start competing for the title again:

“From that point then you might get into the top four and finish fourth and third and develop a team that the fans like again and that you can see, hear and respect again professionally.

“From that moment – that might take two or three years – then you can go on and go for the title. This is a five-year project.

“United aren’t going to go from where they are today to winning the title in the next 12 to 18 months, two years. It isn’t going to happen. Think about a plan that’s going to work but you’ve got to get the right people in first.”

Neville also went on to criticize the fact that Manchester United have gone through 3 managers since Sir Alex’s retirement with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being the 4th appointment:

“Over the last five years, the club has ricocheted and bounced like a pinball from one manager to another with different philosophies. They’ve been pulled around and played in the transfer market time and time again.

“If you’ve not delivered success on the pitch for five, six, seven years – there comes a point where you say, ‘Hang on a second, it can’t just keep being the coach.’

“It’s got to be people above that step aside and move into a different role. It has to deliver performance and results and it’s not. There is a cultural problem at the football club. It’s deep. The decisions are bad, the choices are poor.”

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Gary Neville Manchester United Pundit
Gary Neville Manchester United Pundit

That’s quite an epic rant from our legend but you can understand where he’s coming from.

Gary was part of the biggest Club in the world who won everything there was to win and now, watching his club going downhill, makes him angry and disappointed.

The fans have been left frustrated, the attitudes of the players have been questionable and there has been no desire to fight for the shirt and the badge.

He’s also right that there are some structural and cultural problems in the club that need to be addressed ASAP before we can challenge for the trophies again. It might take a couple of years, but at least we need to make a start somewhere!


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