Despite Manchester United’s fall from grace in the recent years, the Glazers, who own what once used to be the greatest sports club on earth, don’t want to sack Ed Woodward, according to reports.

I don’t know a single Manchester United fan who doesn’t want the vice-executive chairman, Mr Woodward, to be fired after a dismal performance against Burnley who beat us 2-0 at Old Trafford.

During Woodward’s reign, Manchester United have fallen well behind the archrivals Manchester City and Liverpool when it comes to the English Premier League.

Most of the managers hired during his regime like David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and now Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have struggled to make any impact at the Old Trafford. Man Utd fans have had enough of it, venting their fury on social media at both Woodward and the Glazers after their 2-0 defeat to Burnley on Wednesday night.

Despite that, BBC Sport have reported, Ed Woodward’s position as the United chief is safe. When the Glazers took over in 2005 it was Woodward, then a banker, who helped broker the deal.

And they’re fully adamant that he’s the right man to be in charge of United, despite the club’s disastrous form during his time in charge. It’s claimed he retains the full support of the Glazers and they pay him handsomely, giving him £3.16million last year.

And it seems as if United fans won’t get their wish of Woodward leaving while the Glazers control things.


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  1. A. S. Tatus Reply

    Over the years, since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, I have voiced my opinion that Man Utd would fall, if Ed Woodward stays as Executive VP. My thoughts are on course. Ed lacks strategic knowledge of football. Being a seasoned banker is quite different from being a football tactician with concrete strategies. And, if he is still in charge by the end of the season, the club will fall further. Ed has to go now. Man Utd must hire a seasoned tactician with football knowledge. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient.

    • mm

      If Glazers want, they can show their gratitude in various other ways, rather than letting him destroy such a big and beautiful club. If an Aston Villa player says he doesn’t want to join in, I don’t think we could stoop any lower.

    • Mr Robert Purcell Reply

      Hallelujah mate. My great uncle was a Busby babe who died in the Munich air disaster. It’s disgusting to see what Woodward and the Glazers are doing to the club he gave his life for

      • mm

        Respect comes naturally when you talk about the Busby Babes and you’re right, it’s really sad how the things have turned up at the Old Trafford.

  2. Granville Thomas Reply

    Ed Woodward is sabotaging Manchester United.No doubt about that.

  3. Mark whiteman Reply

    Woodward should show the club respect that have paid him handsomely for his disservice walk away .

    • Gary Doubler Reply

      I what him out. We will end up not being in the top 4 . We will end up being down in 12th and 13 th how can any owner of any club who does have all the money to get any player they like in and and they have more money coming in fast because we be going for top 4 that 500000 million for top 4 and that our top player we need open your eyes i am not going to pay for next season tickets no way E Woodward still here .no money going in to the club

  4. When will the supporters realise it doesnt matter what happens on the pitch all it matters to the Glazers is what comes in revenue. As long as money is coming in the Glazers will not get rid of Woodward. He is their link for getting money out of the club into their bank account. As for Woodward would you walk away from a 3.14 million job a year that is beside what he receives from the bank for brokering the loan for the Glazers. As for arranging a buy out of the Glazers would you arrange it if it means losing 3.14 million plus commission.

  5. Devron Van Heerden Reply

    OGS must surely put his foot down and say, look this is the player I want and go and get him.
    2ndly I feel the glazers is only using manutd so that they can use the club as collateral to make other loans.

  6. The Glazers need to sell the club if they dont want to invest in it. I am a United fan for many years and this is the worst I have see them in old Trafford or away. Need a person like Roy Keane or a Rooney to shake up some players. United 4 life

  7. Woodward must seriously have some dirt on the bald eagle s that own our great club. This is just a cash cow to them. We will be relegated within three years.

  8. Wouldn’t it be prudent if Woodwank just appointed a director of football and continued with his Sponsership deals? Rumour has it that finally he had succumbed and we were to get Luis Campos. When did that fail? Ooh how I miss Gill? All Fergie had to do is identify his target and Gill went and got him

  9. Ime gobsmacked Glazer’s out Woodward out the pain its causing me .hearbrocken I sent the word

  10. Well I wonder if all this is not to ensure that the saudis are able to take over , just think for a moment if that would be better , in my opinion not

  11. Luis Costa Reply

    United need to buy new players because older players are now good

  12. Obed Amankrah Reply

    Ed woodward is the main cause of Man utd’s poor performance currently. He needs to be sacked

  13. Abdirahman Reply

    Woodward out ,I could have advise Manchester United fans to watch next game from the home and not to go the field.

  14. Easy sorted, empty stadium for 3 home games will force there hand. Won’t look good on TV and share prices would fall. The fans will complain but will still show up to support the team and nothing will change.

  15. Colin Clarke Reply

    Why would the Glazers sack Woodward? He negotiated the deal that bought the club and he continues to bring in sponsorship deals that make United profitable. They, the Glazers don’t care about football or ” soccer” as they call it, like they don’t care if their other sports club the Tampa bay Buccaneers who In 2018 had the worst win ratio in America ever, win anything as long as the fans keep paying. Woodward too knows nothing about football or even how to run a club. He is a banker, a business man, he is all about making money. The sad thing is people think this has only been going on since Sir Alex and David Gill left in 2013 but it has been going on since 2005 and they stole our club. Since the United transfers and spending has had restrictions on it, it just wasn’t as noticeable because the club was successful, but once Sir Alex left and United failed and continue to fail to replace him properly we are losing money we always earned by CL qualification and Premier League position. Woodward is the Glazers boy and as long as he keeps making them money he will be kept. So we need to stop the club making money to force both the Glazers and Woodward out.

  16. No matter what it takes bring the red devils back to life

  17. Alesia Bosman Reply

    Never in my wildest dreams would I believe that I must pray for Manchester United’s chance of winning a game. This is unreal something just give. Ed Woidward and Ole Solsjear must GO! You brought us fans nothing but misery!

  18. Disgracing, disappointing and shameful for been a united fan.

  19. They should sign GREALISH from Villa and Raul Jimenez from Wolves. Two of the hardest working players in the league and have skill to match

    • Colin Clarke Reply

      While you are right both players are quality and hard working, Raul Jiminez is 29 this summer and Grealish has already stated that his goals for this season is to make his England debut and keep Villa in the premier League so I can’t see him leaving before the end of the season. Plus when you see how difficult we make it to buy a player who wants to join from a club who need money and we are struggling to get it done, how do you think we would fare with Villa and Wolves? Neither are cash poor and both know how desperate we are.

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