Manchester City players indulge in disgusting ‘song’ about Sean Cox, Kiev

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Manchester City are on their way to a domestic treble. You’d think three trophies in a year is meant to lend you some class. Alas, it is as useful as a barrel of crude oil.

City players are as far from class as you can imagine and this they exhibited when they sang about a man who had to fight for his life and was in no way deserving of such insult. As professionals at the highest level, you’d expect some decency and conduct, but none is to be found.

City players sang a new chant against Liverpool after winning the PL
Liverpool fans were left fuming after City players sang offensively in a video

In a video that appeared on social media and has since gone viral, you can spot an airplane cabin full of *Shitty* players. In the plane they are joyfully passing around the Premier League trophy, as you’d expect any Champions to. It is what the video shows them doing in addition to the trophy pass.

The City players Kyle Walker, captain Vincent Kompany and Ilkay Gundogan are seen singing an offensive song about last season’s Champions League final when a Liverpool fan was injured in fan violence and had to fight hard for his life. His name is Sean Cox.

Here’s what you can hear in the said video, to the tune of ‘Allez, Allez, Allez’:

“All the way to Kiev, To end up in defeat, Crying in the stands, And battered on the streets, Kompany injured Salah, Victims of it all, Sterling won the double, The Scousers won f*** all, Allez, allez, allez”

Oh, Citizens you have never played a European final. And you never will. Allez, Allez, Allez!


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