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Manchester United can’t get rid of fringe players says Ed Woodward

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Pundits and fans alike have shown concerns that various players in the Manchester United squad aren’t at the level required for a top club, however, in his recent interview, Ed Woodward explains why Man Utd top bosses aren’t getting rid of these players.

Manchester United have spent heavily on acquiring new players since the retirement of their legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013, however, the results and quality of the Old Trafford side haven’t matched the expenditure.

Another criticism has been that players have been given new contracts who are not perceived to be good enough for United.

But as Woodward explains,

It’s a multi-year squad evolution analysis”.

It’s hard enough to get three players done in a transfer window. To get six or seven done is extremely difficult if you are getting proper talent.

If you choose to churn every player because they are not good enough and you’re not extending contracts, you are putting yourself at risk of execution. Sometimes you have to take a broader view.”

Ah, that clears things up then – doesn’t it?

No? Pereira was rewarded with a new four-year deal in the summer despite him being consistently poor for the club. Also, Jones was rewarded with a four-year deal 10 months ago, Chris Smalling was shipped out on loan to Roma in the summer due to United’s glut of centre-halves – and the 30-year-old has impressed with a string of consistent performances in Serie A and the Europa League.

The comments will surely not go down well with many fans who think the current crop of players are miserably short of the standards they had become accustomed to seeing from their heroes.


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  1. Colin Clarke Reply

    What a load of bull. It is cheaper for United to keep these underperformers than pay the wages of better quality players from other clubs. He extended the contracts of these players to give then a perceived value without considering that nobody wants to buy them anyway. Woodward is a joke, this squad is a shambles. If what Woodward said was true than Herrera would still be at United, not forced to leave because he didn’t want to take a paycut.

  2. I am coming up 70 so have seen a lot of bad seasons and exceptionally good one. The two stand out, winning European Cup 1968 and a bad one going down in the old set up to division 2 thanks to a goal from Denis Law. The one thing you always got from United was fight and compassion. As things stand today there is neither. On most days they don’t start until after the halftime break. So pay them half their wages. Everyone has to work hard to make money so why are most of the players not really working at all. The newcomer, James and academy player Greenwood may not be the best there is but they do put the work in. I personally wouldn’t pay Pogba in washes. United players owe it to the fans, who pay good money for a ticket, to step up to the plate and let’s see 90mins of commitment instead of 45mins.

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