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Manchester United fans have had enough of Jesse Lingard

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Manchester United fans were not at all impressed with Jesse Lingard’s performance against Manchester City in the Carabao Cup semifinal on Tuesday.

The Englishman possessed absolutely no threat to Manchester City defence and lacked any sort of creativity in the midfield.

Many Manchester United fans took to the social media platforms after the game and almost all of them were of the opinion that it’s time for Jesse Lingard to go. He no longer has the credibility to wear the red shirt anymore.

Another player who was in the line of fire was Andreas Pereira.

I always try to see the good in people and to never rule anything out. Football is a game in which players can go from seemingly irredeemable lows to the peak of their powers with the right environment, but honestly, I have had enough of this guy.

Lingard made his debut in 2014, and aside from a few wonder goals here and there, along with the occasional good counter-attacking display, the man offers nothing. Aged 27, he is no longer a youngster, but the fact that he is still viewed in that bracket is telling.

He is not the only one, but Lingard is a United player who needs to be gone by this time next year.


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  1. Ogs has got rid of some good players but the difference between Ferguson s . Young kids is it worked but ogs is trying the same it is not working for him cause he has no managerial experience so get rid of ogs a Nd get a more experience couch in come on utd

  2. We love ole from his playing day’s but he is not experienced enough to manage a team like United, he must go and take lingard and the other dead wood with him , and we should get poch now before it’s to late.

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