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Manchester United fans preparing for war against the Glazers

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Nobody has been happy with Manchester United’s performance lately and fans have finally decided to act.

Great changes need great revolutions and this might just be it. Fuelled by poor results and no January signings, supporters are talking about stepping up protests.

One idea being discussed is that of a 58th-minute walk out in the next home match against Wolves.

The game against Wolves is being held next Saturday (1st Feb) at 5.30 pm and is live on SkySports in the UK, making it a prime opportunity for fans to make a statement in front of television cameras.

The Mirror report:

Those behind the move are calling on all United fans to walk out of the stadium in the 58th minute of their Premier League fixture against Wolves on February 1.

“Organisers of the planned protest hope to convince thousands of United fans to leave their seats in what would be a symbolic gesture and show of strength against the Glazers and the controversial way they run the club.”

The idea is gaining traction online via social media with supporters frustrated after seeing one of the club’s worst-ever home performances in the 2-0 defeat to Burnley.

There is enough time to prepare this with more co-ordination, and a walkout would be a powerful message to the board, and millions watching around the world, that supporters are angry and want change. Do you support the idea? What other alternatives do we have?


Sheetanshu is a computer science engineer, an MBA and an ardent soccer fan. He founded Limit Infinity back in 2015 with a group of few friends and has played a significant role in establishing soccer fan communities around the world. You can write to him at or connect with him using his LinkedIn profile.


  1. Are the fans stupid. Latest reports they are planning a walk out on 1st February against Wolves. That will surely make the Glazers and Woodward walk away or make them wet themselves while they are counting gate receipts from those who have attended the game in the first place..Ok they already have the revenue for the game from from season ticket and ticket Dale’s for the game
    So how do they think walking out will alter anything
    When will the fans realise the Glazers or Woodward dont give a damn how the team is or how the fans feel. All they are bothered about is revenue coming in.

  2. PhilBeaumont Reply

    Respect the babes by clapping on the 58th minute then walk out on the 65 or 66 minute.

  3. Mr Robert Purcell Reply

    I dont think it’s just the glazer family. They know sport, Ed Woodward is a banker, no knowledge of sport. Besides, they bought united in 2005, and fergie was still in charge another 8 years after that. Its Ed woodward who’s the problem

  4. robert jones Reply

    As man united fan at kenya,we feel so guilty when we see our club perform missarably,,boiz are gettin enough payment and instead of hardwork they are joking around,secondly we arge u to sign without thinking of spending money buy buy buy we want our crown back

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