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Manchester United must prefer Mason Greenwood over Anthony Martial

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Ryan Giggs isn’t happy with Anthony Martial’s performance against Everton and thinks he no longer deserves to be in the Manchester United squad.

Mason Greenwood’s equalizer from the bench was the only saving grace for Manchester United as they somehow managed a draw against a struggling Everton side. The Frenchman was rarely seen troubling the Everton defence during the game and was later substituted for his own good.

Martial 24 shots during the game but only one of them was on target – that too was easily blocked by Jordan Pickford – and Manchester United legend believes he did not do anywhere near enough upfront.

He is talented, and he’s not a bad kid, but the problem he has is that he looks lethargic all the time. He looks casual as if he’s not bothered,” Giggs told the Premier League.

“When it comes off, and he’s doing brilliant things, you say it just comes naturally. But when it’s not, you think: he’s not running, he’s not trying, he’s not working hard enough, he’s not holding the ball up.

“So in my eyes, he has to try extra hard because of his persona, because of the way that he moves.

“But he doesn’t look like he breaks sweat and when United are chasing a game you want someone to get across the front post – you might not score, but your teammate might score.

“It’s all these sorts of things that you’re not getting off him at the moment.

“With Mason coming on and doing that, getting in positions to score goals, he [Martial] is going to be under pressure, because he’s not giving you anything defensively and he’s not giving you anything offensively either.”

On Greenwood he added:

He looks a threat, every time he comes on. I think Ole is handling him in the right way at the moment, bringing him on, impact player.

“It’s just how long you can keep him like that, because also when he starts games he’s scoring goals. We talk about Martial, he’s not doing enough, he’s not much of a goal threat, no chances in the box, so it won’t be long before Mason Greenwood starts.”


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