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Marcus Rashford: “I give my life for Manchester United”

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Manchester United player Marcus Rashford has claimed that the sky is the limit for the Red Devils this season before the much-awaited kickoff against Chelsea.

The arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has resulted in a shift in the mindset at Manchester United with the young players getting more involved in the manager’s plans.

There’s a sense that this could be the season of a new beginning after 6 years of mediocrity and Marcus Rashford is excited to be a part of it:

“I think it’s a very exciting moment.

“For me it was just about getting the new contract out of the way and solidifying that I’m here for the club. It’s about getting the club back to where it belongs, what everybody knows Manchester United are.

“I give my life for the club and that’s the most important thing. For me, when you’re in a squad with a lot of young players who share the same ambition and have the same drive, I can only see us succeed.

“It might take us some time, but if we all stick to the game plan, work collectively as a team, and we’ve got a good manager who knows the club and who shares the same ambition, who knows what we can achieve?

A young team with plenty of individual talent. Hopefully, we can put in the work ethic to go with it this time around and play as a team, right?

There was a lot of criticism aimed at Manchester United last season regarding the fitness of the players and Rashford claims that the players have worked on that and are much better and fitter, thanks to the individualized training this time around:

“It’s about putting those experiences together now,” he explains. “That’s how you know the way forward. Right now I feel like mentally and physically I’m more prepared to do it than in the past, especially physically.

“I remember at the beginning of last season, my legs were so tight and tired. We hadn’t had much rest and it was tough trying to start the season off quickly. With the same amount of rest this year we’ve been able to schedule training, it’s been a lot more individualized and I feel a lot better for it.”


Manchester United will take on Chelsea at the Old Trafford on Sunday.


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