‘Mauricio Pochettino’s comments must have angered Daniel Levy’

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Tottenham Hotspur chief Daniel Levy must be livid with Mauricio Pochettino’s comments recently according to Football consultant Ian McGarry.

Pochettino’s recent comments seem to aim subtle digs at Levy which he would have wanted to hear in person before being revealed in the public domain says, McGarry.

The Argentine’s long term future at the club has been in doubt over the last few months not long after he signed a new, improved 5-year-contract with the club.
He has been critical about the club’s recruitment policy and before Spurs’ historic comeback against Ajax, he said that he’d be open to leaving Tottenham even if his side went on to clinch the Champions League.

And Mauricio Pochettino’s comments of such open nature must not have pleased Levy says, McGarry.

“My experience of dealing with Daniel Levy over the years has been that he will be absolutely livid that Pochettino has decided to take this into the public domain,” he said on The Transfer Window podcast.

“First of all, he insists upon these kind of discussions taking place in private. So if this is the way Pochettino feels, then he should have been expressing this to him directly before going to the media.

“Therefore, I think it’s safe to assume that these conversations have been had with Daniel Levy privately and he’s not been given assurances by the Tottenham chairman that he requires in order to feel confident about staying at the club going forward.

“And therefore he’s taken the very high-risk strategy of criticising Daniel Levy’s transfer policy, the club’s transfer policy as such as well and effectively putting a gun to the head of the club by saying, ‘if this doesn’t change and if the club has no plan, then I would be a stupid person to keep on managing.”

Reading further into Mauricio Pochettino’s comments: “Now in doing so, he is provoking Levy in one of two ways or probably both. One, he’s provoking him to change that transfer policy in order to retain him as a coach. Or two, he’s trying to provoke Levy into thinking that this guy has now gone rogue, he’s a loose cannon, he knows the financial restrictions that we have, whether that’s the stadium cost or whatever else, so he’s got absolutely no right to be going public and effectively putting himself onto the market.

Mauricio Pochettino says he could leave Tottenham Hotspur even if they go on to win the UEFA Champions League
Mauricio Pochettino says he could leave Tottenham Hotspur even if they go on to win the UEFA Champions League

“Remember, the Champions League final doesn’t take place until June 1. Now given Liverpool’s recent form, they will be favourites for the game.

“I’m not saying Pochettino’s stock will be damaged by losing the Champions League final to Liverpool, but I’m pretty sure he’d be happier if he had offers to leave Tottenham before that game was even played in order that didn’t affect the value of his stock so to speak.

“Then, of course, the next step is to go back to Levy again and say,

‘oh look, I’ve had an offer from Bayern Munich or PSG or whoever, are you gonna meet my demands?’

‘Mauricio Pochettino’s comments must have angered Daniel Levy’

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