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Mino Raiola hits a new low by accusing Man United for Pogba’s failures

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Mino Raiola is at it again! Speaking to the Telegraph, he made it known that it’s Manchester United who are at fault if they want to sell Paul Pogba, not the other way round.

His statement wouldn’t come as a surprise to fans and is understandable because the way things stand, Paul Pogba is acting like a spoilt brat and no club in the world would want to sign a spoilt brat, forget about paying 100m quids.

In his desperate attempt to garner some positive PR so that he can squeeze whatever he can from the next Pogba deal, the so-called super agent accuses Manchester United of not having any identity. What a pathetic scum!

Speaking to the Telegraph, Raiola said:

At least when Ferguson was there you saw it was his team – the way they played, pro-active, and the players that came in came in with an eye on how to play that game.

“Is there a better midfielder [than Pogba] in the world? No! If you come to that conclusion then the other conclusion is – now if you sell Paul Pogba would you buy a better one? No! Where is he? But if you create your identity then maybe you discover that Paul is ideal. If you, say, want to play with two holding midfielders then where does Paul play? In several positions.

“So I say, make your identity of what you want your club to be and then find the “Lego” parts for it. You need that clarity. A big club chooses the system and then chooses the players.”

So his message is clear. It’s Man Utd’s fault if Pogba has been shite all day long in here. To add to it, Raiola tred his best to portray Pogba in a good light by claiming him to be an extremely loyal person dedicated to Manchester United. So loyal that when Real Madrid came calling, he refused to offer to stay and perform at the Old Trafford.

Okay there was big interest from Real Madrid and Manchester [United] didn’t let him go,” he said.

“We didn’t make a fuss about it and he didn’t make a fuss about it because I work in accordance with the player.

“You know other players can bring things to the extreme but Paul doesn’t like that. So you work differently. There was interest from Real Madrid but they [United] didn’t let him go, and I’m sorry because I think that Paul is French and [Zinedine] Zidane is an important factor in French football history.”

What a pathetic scum! We can see right through you.


Sheetanshu is a computer science engineer, an MBA and an ardent soccer fan. He founded Limit Infinity back in 2015 with a group of few friends and has played a significant role in establishing soccer fan communities around the world. You can write to him at or connect with him using his LinkedIn profile.


  1. Aslam Ahmad Reply

    I have to say either you don’t understand English well, or you don’t understand football, or you like to slander. Cheap journalist trait, slandering others.

    What Raiola said is true. He hit it accurately.

    “So loyal that when Real Madrid came calling, he refused to offer to stay and perform at the Old Trafford.” This. After United refused to let him ho, did stay and played wholeheartedly for the club? Yes.

    You Sheetanshu are the scum here. You create this article just because you want to attract readers using MU and Pogba’s name, exploiting the situation.

    • mm

      Even if everything you say is true, doesn’t change the fact that Raiola is a lowlife scum whose only intention is to destroy football. If you don’t understand even that much after claiming to know English and Football, you have some homework to do.

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