Mourinho advises Klopp on how to win the semi-final against Barcelona

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Jose Mourinho has been busy these days. But he is not busy with the kind of tropes Liverpool fans would expect him to. Rafa Benitez is at Newcastle, while Arsene Wenger is in much a similar situation to Mourinho himself. Jose is a pundit these days.

In his interview earlier with the RT, he explained that he envies the position that Klopp has in Liverpool, or even Pep Guardiola (his arch-nemesis) in City. Now, his statements focus the matches against Barcelona over two legs.

Mourinho has some experience coming up and winning against the best of teams in Europe so despite the animosity it would be wise to lend an ear if has words of advice. That is just what the former Special One has to offer Klopp and Liverpool.

Liverpool trail 3-0 in the tie before the second leg at Anfield. As such, even a single Barcelona goal would make it mission impossible for Liverpool. Despite best efforts in Barcelona, Liverpool bring nothing back that can help them in the home tie. Messi scored twice to down us away from home.

Jose focuses on what can be done now, as it is noteworthy that Roma came up with a plan and executed it last season in a similar situation to make it through at the expense of Barcelona. Maybe Liverpool can repeat that story, but they must believe in it first. Here’s Mourinho saying the exact same thing in his own words, but in a humble and nice manner so alien to him:

Jose Mourinho has words of experience for Jurgen Klopp
Jose Mourinho has been doing pundit work since leaving United last December

“He has to think what I know he thinks – he has a very good team. He has a real team and they are going to fight until the possible is impossible.

“When the result was 2-0, I was thinking it’s open. When they miss the late chance for the 3-1, I would say open.

“But 3-0 is 3-0, it’s hard to believe, but Barcelona have an incredibly negative experience with Roma recently.

“I know that Liverpool at Anfield is really hard, the team is good, but if Barcelona score one goal they have to concede five.
– Jose Mourinho via Russia Today


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