Mourinho names the MVP of both Spurs and Liverpool before Final

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Jose Mourinho is no stranger to the Premier League or the Champions League. Mourinho has won the former thrice and the later twice. His experience in the Champions League can be helpful when making wild guesses and assumptions before such a big game as a normal fan.

Spurs and Liverpool will play the Champions League final in Madrid on June 1.

While Tottenham and Liverpool are both involved in the last phase of their training and preparation before the final, Jose Mourinho has been talking about the probable winners as well as the players in both the teams that can make it so.

Mourinho is in a bit of a conundrum here, as both Tottenham and Liverpool have reached the Madrid final on the back of heroic wins over big teams. Be it Liverpool overcoming Barcelona over two legs or Spurs winning the tie against Ajax following their narrow escape from the group stages.

“The curious thing about this final is that the two arrive in an absolutely incredible way. They arrive there almost like titans, completely convinced that they are going to destroy their rival, it has everything to be a final with two teams completely convinced that ‘the trophy is mine’.”

-Jose Mourinho via Football London

Mourinho thinks that the team with a hint of extraordinary in their journey to the final is the one more likely to lift the cup with the big ears but in this season, both the teams have shown themselves to be incredible.

Jose Mourinho names two MVPs for the final
Jose Mourinho has named one important player for both the teams before the final.

Mourinho goes on to name one player from each team he thinks will be vital to their chances of lifting the big trophy. In Mourinho’s opinion it has to be Virgil Van-Dijk for Liverpool while Christian Eriksen takes the onus over Kane for Spurs.


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