To say that Manchester United are having one of the worst seasons in their history would be an understatement. While the majority of the credit goes to poor summer signing decisions, a string of injuries to its crucial players have also made life difficult for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Two of the players who Manchester United are missing the most right now are Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford.

Interestingly, while Rashford is in Manchester showing his full support to the club during the tough times, Paul Pogba is busy “recovering” while attending Paris fashion week. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seems to be slightly disappointed with our record signing and so are we.

Pogba has spent much of the season injured and is currently out of action after undergoing surgery to address an ankle injury.

United’s £89million midfielder has been conspicuous by his absence, preferring to spend the majority of his recovery time away from Manchester, taking part in Paris fashion week.

Rashford tweeted:

“You best believe I’ll be involved in team meetings, team huddles and team sessions throughout this recovery.”

Asked whether Rashford had been involved in team meetings since being ruled out, Solskjaer said: “At the moment he’s been having loads of treatment, so he might be in meeting today or tomorrow, who knows?

“Marcus is a genuine Manchester United supporter who wants us to do well and help.”

When asked if he would like to have seen a similar approach from Pogba, Solskjaer said:

“We all want this to go well and we’ve all got different ways of showing how much we care.”

Yeah, Ole, we know nobody cares. Not Pogba, not Woodward, not Glazers and the saddest part is that very soon, fans would stop caring too.


Sheetanshu is a computer science engineer, an MBA and an ardent soccer fan. He founded Limit Infinity back in 2015 with a group of few friends and has played a significant role in establishing soccer fan communities around the world. You can write to him at or connect with him using his LinkedIn profile.

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  1. Now that is a surprise Pogba hasnt any feelings for United. I dont believe he is injured. When a player is injured and then reports of him playing basketball in America there is something fishy

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