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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants Paul Pogba sold, criteria set for replacement

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants Paul Pogba sold in the summer transfer window, as per the latest reports.

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Paul Pogba has always found a way to be in the limelight, all for the wrong reasons. While, his public spat with Jose Mourinho was an ugly time for the club, fans hoped that the arrival of Ole would change things around the locker-room.

To be fair, the gaffer supported the world-cup winner during his interviews and press-conferences, while Pogba was out on pitch embarrassing the fans with poor performances and flirting with Real Madrid and Juventus, all the while.

However, his most recent interview during the Adidas promotional tour in Tokyo is said to be the last straw as the Norwegian is reportedly fed up with Pogba’s attitude and wants him sold in the summer.

The Frenchman is ‘reportedly’ looking for a ‘new challenge elsewhere’ while Solskjaer has set up a specific criteria while looking for the replacement for the 26-years-old.

As per the reports, Ole is only interested in signing a player who has a stomach for the fight and could guarantee his 100% for the club on the pitch and outside of it, as a role-model for the kids.

Paul Pogba has consistently been questioned over his attitude and Ole wants to sign a replacement who ‘respects the Manchester United way’ instead of another Prima Donna signing.

Meanwhile, Dean Saunders, a former Premier League Striker, thinks that Pogba’s comments deserve a fine:

“That statement damages Man United,” he said on talkSPORT.

“It damages the share price, it damages the people who are paying to get on MUTV for example, people who are buying season tickets, people who are going to buy shirts with his name on and just slam the brakes on today – ‘Oh hang on a minute, don’t buy that shirt’.

“You think of it, all round the world, that damages Manchester United.

“It’s not the first time he’s done it and I don’t know who’s advising him or whether he’s just doing it off his own back.

“He’s come out and said the players’ attitude and mind wasn’t right against Brighton, he’s winking when Mourinho got sacked as if to say ‘there you go, I won that battle’, there’s constant rubbish coming out in the press.

“If you’re a player, that’s a two-week fine.”

Credits: Express

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Only a two-week fine? I’m sure a lot of Manchester United fans would disagree with that Mr. Saunders!


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  1. Leon Adebanio Reply

    Please transfer him quick.Pogba is a waste of time & money.

  2. Solomon Jason Narh Reply

    Yes, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer finally you heard my thoughts in your head. He should be gone immediately before pre-season. He is good but not good enough for the club, we need individuals who will fight as a team to put the club back on grounds and he’s not up to that and not willing to help.
    Am happy you’ve finally realized he’s got to be sold. (Paul and Lukaku) they have to be sold asap and get in replacements before pre-season. God bless Ole
    Don’t know where this came from but am very very happy to hear.

    • mm
      Karan Reply

      A lot of Manchester United fans would agree with you

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