Paul Merson accuses Everton board of being short-sighted

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Paul Merson has accused Everton to be ‘living in Cloud Cuckoo Land’ for appointing the veteran Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti as their new manager.

Last week in his column, Merson had credited Duncan Ferguson for steading the sinking Everton ship after the departure of Marco Silva and had suggested the Merseyside team to keep him at the helm of the things until the right candidate emerged.

However, Everton are now expected to appoint ex-Real Madrid, PSG and AC Milan boss Ancelotti as their next manager and Merson can’t see the logic behind this board decision.

He wrote in his weekly Daily Star Column :

Everton are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land getting Carlo Ancelotti in as manager.

“Don’t get me wrong. He is an unbelievable manager. He’s managed all the top teams in the world. But I haven’t known him to take a job like this. Why?

“They’ve only got him because they are paying him big money. Who else would give him that kind of money? No-one. I hope he doesn’t just go through the motions.

“There’s no chance he gets them into the top six this season, or top four next season either. Everton need to sign about eight players to do that.

“But I don’t think he’s got it in him to build a team. He’s never done it before. Every team he’s had has been built for him. He’s just come in and steadied the ship, then disappeared somewhere else.

“Everton will want a lot more than steadying the ship for the money they’ll be paying him. But world-class players aren’t going to Everton.

“They need to buy lower down the Premier League and hope whoever they get catches fire because this is a ‘start all over again’ job.

“Everton can’t afford another expensive failure. So this has got to work. But I don’t get it at all. It doesn’t tick the right boxes for me.”

Everton take on Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal today, with Ferguson once again in the dugout.


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  1. Everton nomad Reply

    Merson talking nonsense again, thought he’d given up the drinking. He was a player with a bit of talent which he put to good use now and again, he’s more famous for his after dinner speaking when he talks about something’s he is very knowledgeable about and that is drunken exploits and wasting money.
    He should just stick to what he does best and leave punditry to the legends of the game and not to play football to finance habits

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