Pochettino confirms he might not be at Tottenham next season

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Mauricio Pochettino, despite being serious about his commitment to Spurs, has declined to give any promises regarding his future at the White Hart Lane.

When questioned whether he will at Tottenham manager during the upcoming season, the Spurs manager said:

“It’s the same question as two months ago, three months ago. It does not depend only on me, it’s about Daniel (Levy) too.

“Of course, I know he is happy with me and that is what he is telling me. But Tottenham is bigger than one person. Tottenham is bigger than one player, Tottenham is bigger than everything.

Always, I need to fight every day to keep my position. That doesn’t mean I am not comfortable. Always I tell Jesus Perez (Pochettno’s assistant), ‘we need to think that maybe tomorrow if we don’t care about our position, we can go away quick’.

“Football changes very quickly. It’s difficult to say ‘I am now happy and sure I will be here next season’. If I said that and something wrong happened and I’m not here, then you say ‘oh Pochettino said he will be here and now he’s not here’.

“In my mind, always I am living like today can be the last day, tomorrow can be the last day. That is my philosophy. A player can say ‘ok I will be here for five years’ but a manager no, because he can be sacked tomorrow.

“Look at what happened at Real Madrid. Zidane said ‘I go’, then two managers and not even the end of the season, and he’s back. Who believed that? That is why, in football, everything that today is white, tomorrow is black and then white again. Things can turn so quick.”

Tottenham faces Liverpool on Sunday, which everyone is expecting to be a cracker of a game.


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