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Rio Ferdinand: ‘Wayne Rooney closer to managing Manchester United’

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Former Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand, believes Wayne Rooney’s decision to take up a coaching role at Derby is his first step to getting to his real target, which is managing the Red Devils.

The 33-year-old Wayne Rooney will join Championship side, Derby County as a player-coach in January, after just one season with MLS side, DC United.

And Ferdinand, who played alongside Rooney for Man United and the Three Lions understands why his former team-mate has made the shock move.

The BT Sport pundit said:

“His end game is managing Manchester United, a hundred percent. It’s a fact. If he tells you any different, he’s lying! He will want to do that.”

“Only time will tell if he’s going to be the man to be able to do that. There’s obviously a lot of work to be done before that. But Frank [Lampard]’s gone to the place he will have desired more than anywhere else at Chelsea. Can that happen for Wayne [Rooney]? We’ll see.”

“I’m not surprised Wayne has done this because I know that’s the way he wants to go, from speaking to him. It will be a great opportunity.”

Ferdinand added: “He was good at poker, wasn’t he? Having that element of unpredictability. When he speaks and you think: ‘I didn’t realize he sees it like that.’ Having that element is good.”

“You don’t want to be predictable, for your players to read you so much. It keeps people on their toes. For instance, Sir Alex Ferguson would change players.”

“Is it Nani this week or is it Ryan Giggs? Is Cristiano Ronaldo playing through the middle or on the left? You need that in your teams. I feel Wayne will have that element to him.”

“He’s not scared of sharing his opinion, which is a good thing. He can be direct. He can be hard to read sometimes. He’s still connected to the younger generation. He talks their language.”

“He’s been very lucky. Not many people get to play under the managers he has, managers who have achieved so much. Ferguson, Van Gaal, Mourinho, Capello.”

“Some big names who have achieved huge things at huge clubs. Over the years he will have taken elements from their coaching styles. He’s going into it with his eyes wide open.”

Credits: Metro

The pair of Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney have won 14 trophies during their time together at Manchester United, with both players playing pivotal roles in making the English giants a force to reckon with in Europe.

Manchester United is currently being managed by a former Old Trafford legend, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.


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