Roberto Mancini says Klopp and Pochettino would be killed in Italy

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Italy and former City manager Roberto Mancini has spoken out about his views on the current top teams in England and counts Klopp lucky that he is not in Italy.

It’s been three and a half years since Klopp took over at Anfield and Pochettino took charge of White Hart Lane in 2014. Both the managers have had ample time to shape the squad to their liking. Regardless, all the spending and patience has yet to bring silverware to Liverpool.

roberto mancini talks about klopp and pochettino not winning anything with their clubs
Roberto Mancini has the experience of winning leagues in multiple countries.

Tottenham are Spurs. Bottling every chance they get since forever, so it’s not really Pochettino’s fault that they didn’t win anything. The man has done his best and will most likely leave after a couple more seasons without any trophy.

Liverpool made it agonizingly close to winning the Champions League last season. This time around they will be the club with the highest points total who won’t win the league, i.e. if City actually do win it this year. So we are closer than most people will admit to silverware under Klopp.

Even the manager himself has said multiple times that this team is still a work in progress rather than the finished article. Under Klopp, we have played three finals so far and undoubtedly will get in the habit of winning them with experience. Experience that had been sorely lacking in recent years.

“Tottenham have spent a lot and, in five years, still haven’t won anything. In Italy, they’d have already killed the poor man.”

“The Champions League isn’t so simple, otherwise we’d have won it so many times. It’s never easy to win.

“Klopp is another, he has been at Liverpool for three years but risks not winning anything, despite them having an exciting season.”
– Roberto Mancini via Football Italia


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