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Ryan Giggs gives honest advise to Bruno Fernandes

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Ryan Giggs admits Bruno Fernandes has quality points out that the new Manchester United signing should first sort out his playing position else he will turn into a defensive liability for team.

Fernandes had a pretty decent outing against the Wolves as Manchester United settled in for a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford.

During the post-game analysis, Giggs said he was assured of Fernandes’ capability to create more chances going forward, but for that to happen, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must find a regular position for him in the team. He warned fans about the former Sporting midfielder’s defensive ability.

[You saw] glimpses of the quality he does possess,” Giggs told Premier League Productions after the Wolves game.

“I think it might need a bit of working out what his best position is.

“With his back to goal, I don’t think that’s his position. When he’s a little bit deeper, defensively, he may be a bit of a liability. He’s in between the two really.

“That’s where you want to see him, coming on to the ball [heading into the final third].

“But also you see when he is that little bit deeper he can spray the passes, he has got the vision to then play those passes. But then you need the runs.”

Giggs referenced his own experience of playing in central midfield, towards the latter part of his United career.

Giggs added:

When I went back and played in midfield, if I got the ball and no-one was running in behind, I’d tell them because first five minutes, I want to turn, face the play and move the defence.

“What that does, it gives space to the wide-men who want to come in, the No.10, the defence then are already on their way as soon as he gets the ball.

“I think he’ll want to find his best position first of all. He tired towards the end but you can see the quality that he has got.”

Manchester United face Chelsea on 18th of February next after the end of the newly implemented winter break.


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