The big day is upon us as Manchester United takes on Barcelona in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Of course, with Lionel Messi at Barcelona’s helms, if we can stop the Argentine from scoring goals, we might just knick this tie and move along to the semi-finals. You know that, we know that and most likely OGS knows that too!

So, how do we stop Messi? That is the question right?

Well, this is the first time these two sides will meet in the Champions League since Barcelona beat us in the final in 2011.

After losing 3-1, which came two years after another final defeat to Barcelona, Sir Alex had devised an antidote to stop the little man:

“You need centre-backs who are prepared to drop right on top of Messi and not worry about what is happening behind them,” Sir Alex wrote in his 2013 autobiography.

“He will drift away to the side. That’s fine. He’s less of a threat on the side than he is through the centre.

“After the inquest I told myself: ‘When we play Barcelona next time in a Champions League final, I would have Jones and Smalling, or Smalling and Evans, right on top of Messi. I wasn’t going to let him torture us again.”

Hopefully, OGS pays heed to those suggestions and have Lindelof and Smalling sitting on the little magician for the whole game!


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