A weight-loss app can be of great help by guiding you about the workout routines or periodically informing you about the crucial adjustments you would need to make in your lifestyle; like drinking more water, curbing late-night snacking, or getting more steps during the day during your weight loss journey.

There are tons of inexpensive and worthwhile apps present on both Apple Appstore and Google Playstore, which may help you lose weight. To make it easy and convenient for you to choose the right and suitable app, we have come up with some suggestions.

1. Cronometer

It’s a food journaling app and helps you to make better food choices. It doesn’t just offer insights on calories and macros, but it also gives a breakdown of vitamins and minerals, making it good for weight loss overall as well as learning what nutrients your diet might be needing.

2. Oh She Glows

Brought to you from OhSheGlows.com, this can be a great app for the ones who are looking to shed a few pounds. Most of us don’t get enough fruits and veggies in their diet.

This app makes it super easy for you to search through an archive of over 140 plant-based recipes, including 120 gluten-free options.

3. MyFitnessPal

It’s one of the best free apps which helps you in tracking the number of calories and nutrients you consume every day. It also helps you understand how the food portions you eat each day stack up in comparison to each other, thus helping you understand how much of what you should take.

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4. Health

This app is great for the people who have just started on their weight loss journey. Available on the Apple Appstore, the app’s inbuilt pedometer feature tracks each step that you take and thus motivates you to take a few more steps in a less intimidating way.

The Health app also includes tons of other weight-loss-friendly features that allow you to easily enter your food intake and other forms of physical activity. Plus, it keeps your data so you can look back on the past weeks, months, and even years, which can help motivate you to continue to achieve your goals.

5. Waterlogged

As the name suggests, this app keeps a score of your water intake throughout the day. People who have used this app have had great success, not only with increasing their fluids but then also seeing weight loss. You’ll also find that when you start drinking enough fluids, you have more energy.


This app helps you in calculating your macros and planning the keto diet effectively. It enables the user to have a piece of expert advice from the keto diet blog. Martina Slajerova, the creator of this app, is also the author of The KetoDiet Cookbook and Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals. This book offers a variety of great keto recipes.


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