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Sky Sports confirm Ed Woodward is blocking Bruno Fernandes deal over £13m

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No matter how you look at it, it’s impossible for Ed Woodward, who himself is a banker, to not know about Sporting’s financial problems in advance – especially when even fans have known about it for a year now.

So if Ed Woodward is backing off from Bruno Fernandes deal in a last-ditch attempt to take advantage of their situation when the deal was almost done, it only means he doesn’t have Manchester United’s best interest in his mind.

Sky reporter Keith James reported earlier that Manchester United seemed to have agreed to a transfer fee of £55m after the intervention of Jorge Mendes only to back out in the last minute and now were willing to offer only £42m for Fernandes.

It is believed that both Sporting and Fernandes are taken aback with United’s change in their stance and that negotiations, though not completely broken down, are in some serious jeopardy.

This appeared to be confirmed by Jorge Mendes yesterday, who was quoted as saying “If he doesn’t leave now, he’ll leave in the summer”, implying that the deal is dead in the water.

Meanwhile yesterday the Lions completed the £5 million signing of Slovenian striker Andraz Sporar – a fee that on paper they simply cannot afford to pay without first selling Fernandes.

Whether that means ultimately they will have to back down to the Red Devils’ demands before January 31st or whether they can keep their debtors at bay another six months remains to be seen.


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  1. If the stories are true how can there be an attempt to pay 30m for a 16 year old when they will not pay an extra 10 m or so, as originally agreed, for a proven playmaker and goal scorer?

  2. Barry Frost Reply

    He is not interested in Man Utd or Football he is only making money especially for himself and the Glaziers who are the same and should not have been allowed to borrow money to buy United and get us in even more debt.

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