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Sporting forced to sell Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United

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There is a lot of confusion among the fans and media alike regarding what is happening with Bruno Fernandes transfer from Sporting to Manchester United.

Various Portuguese and English media outlets alike have been publishing conflicting reports regarding the transfer which was supposed to be a done deal till last week.

Even though it looks highly evident with every passing day that no one knows what is exactly happening, the shreds of evidence still point out towards a likely deal.

The strongest evidence has emerged today after several Portuguese sources, including A Bola and Record, published a story that suggests Sporting are about to sign Slovan Bratislava’s Andraz Sporar for around €7 million (£6 million), with the player arriving in Lisbon today for his medical and to complete the move.

We understand that this is not a like for like transfer, however, if we take Sporting’s debt situation in consideration, they can, in no possible way, sign a player worth 6 million quids without selling Fernades first. If he Sporar signs, Fernandes is being sold, that’s for sure. What’s not sure though is whether it’s Manchester United who would be able to buy him.

O Jogo has revealed that Sporting need to raise €65 million (£55 million) by the end of January to pay debtors and avoid serious penalties that would come into effect if the debt was not cleared by that date.

The Lisbon club simply do not have the money to buy Sporar.

Back in March 2019, Calciomercato was already reporting that Sporting needed to sell Fernandes to clear their debts, which at the time amounted to a reported €41 million (£35 million). That did not happen in the summer, and the debt has now escalated beyond control.

Manchester United know how desperate Sporting are for money that will be generated by selling the 25-year-old, and thus are reportedly delaying the deal. The Mail claims this morning that the two clubs are set to meet in the middle and agree on a fee of €55 million (£47 million) plus bonuses.

The logical conclusion to all this must be that if Sporting sign the Slovenian striker in the next 48 hours, a deal with somebody, and in all likelihood the Red Devils, would need to be struck in that same 48 hour period.


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