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Star explains why appointing Solskjaer is a mistake

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Former Arsenal Star, Stewart Robson thinks hiring Ole Gunnar is a massive mistake by Woodward:

ESPN presenter Dan Thomas asked Robson: “Is the hiring of Solskjaer a mistake?”

“I think long term it could be [a mistake],” Robson replied.

“At the moment I think it’s the right decision because if Ed Woodward went somewhere else, the crowd would turn on him, they would turn on the owners as well.

“He had to make that decision but it shouldn’t be for a long-term contact because I don’t think over the next two or three years we’re going to see Solskjaer be a top-class manager.

“He’s just lost two games on a trot and if he loses another one against Watford, and we saw the worst performance of Manchester United last week against Wolves, where they played exactly how Jose Mourinho had been playing.

“Slow tempo, not enough work rate, [Anthony] Martial didn’t look as though he was interested, [Paul] Pogba didn’t look like he could pick out the right pass, he was making the wrong decisions.

“I think we’re going to see Solskjaer struggle next season maybe, once he’s had this interim period where all the players wanted him, all the fans wanted him.

“Ed Woodward would end up being hated, thrown out the club, the crowd would turn on him [if Solskjaer was not appointed].

“He’s the one making the decision and he’s going to make the decision of giving Solskjaer the job. He had no choice.

“If you get that record, as he had as interim manager, and the players were wanting, the crowd were wanting.

“You’re going to have to be a very brave man to go against that and give it to somebody else.”


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